Your Online Solution to Managing Business Risk

Enabling you to effectively manage all aspects of staff employment & workplace safety

  • How sure are you that your business is totally compliant with current law?
  • Are systems in place to defend yourself from employees' personal injury claims?
  • Would your business stand up to the scrutiny of an HSE inspection?
  • ...or be able to withstand a wrongful dismissal / discrimination claim?
  • What effect would workplace accidents /disgruntled employees have on staff morale and company profits?
  • What are you doing to get better priced Employers Liability Insurance?

Health and Safety training that supports your business.

Our Online e-Learning is your cost effective solution to your health and safety training needs, especially suited to those businesses that are on a tight budget, employ a disparate work force or just one that struggles to get employees in one room together for classroom based learning.

The e-Learning platform allows all your employees access, irrespective of number, to our web based training centre. All our courses have been accredited by RoSPA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents), CPD Standards Office and NSA (National Skills Academy) - meaning our modules don't just tick a box!

For every module successfully completed (achieving 80% in the course questionnaire) a personalised certificate bearing the RoSPA and CPD logos can be downloaded/printed. (A separate accredited certificate will also be issued by CPD and emailed directly to learners).

In addition, for those who wish to claim relevant Accreditation of Prior Learning (APL) against any NVQ qualifications they are working towards, the NOS (National Occupational Standards) certificate option can be selected. There is a small charge of £5* (+VAT) for this.

*The £5 (+VAT) is paid to Proskills Global Ltd, the body responsible for accreditation of the National Occupational Standards for H&S, and for details to be retained on their national register.

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