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Businesses Need to Be Agile and Adaptable to Survive

In the current working environment even minor accidents or disputes can have potentially litigious and costly consequences. Getting employment legislation and Health & Safety compliance right is essential for a business to thrive!

Our risk management service provides the means to manage all aspects of staff employment and workplace safety - more easily, more effectively and more profitably.

Membership brings access to a wide range of facilities, designed to help you stay compliant with current legislation and alerts you to any changes or current issues which may impact on your business.

Ask Yourself:

  • How sure are you that your business is totally compliant with current law?
  • Are systems in place to defend your company from employees’ personal injury claims?
  • Would your business stand up to the scrutiny of an HSE inspection?
  • Could your business withstand a wrongful dismissal/discrimination claim?
  • What effect would workplace accidents/disgruntled employees have on staff morale and company profits?
  • What are you doing to get better priced Employers Liability insurance?

Services include:

Health and Safety
Essential sector specific information and guidance - all in one place

Human Resources
How to effectively manage your staff from recruitment to exit interview

Business Continuity
Planning to survive in a business crisis

Driving Risk
Effective management of Occupational Road Risk (ORR)


Self Assessment
Your step-by-step guide to determining where you are now, where you should be and how to get there

Ask the Expert
24/7 Ask the Expert Facility - with guaranteed response within 24 hrs

Document Manager
Templates & forms - ready to personalise & store securely on the system

We will help you to develop and maintain a safe working environment.